Today is the start of a new blog project that I have been thinking about for quite a few months now. I am so excited to finally have the chance to start it up! I would just like to begin by introducing myself and what I hope to accomplish by this blog. 

I am 19 years old and I absolutely love life. My favorite days are those when I can be with friends, rejoice in the small things, and just live life fully. I love flannel shirts, the fall leaves, tea, music, flowers, laughter, the smell of a home cooked meal, my friends, and my God. 

I will say, blogging is kind of a new thing for me. I expect this will be a little choppy in the beginning, but please bear with me. This project has been on my heart, because I am starting to recognize that there is a depth and completeness in true beauty. I feel our world in many ways under appreciates and ignores true beauty, although it is very present all around us. As a woman, it is especially easy to lose sight of the beauty within myself and those around me, and I feel that this is one area in which the Lord desires for us to see clearer. We, myself included, find it so easy to believe the lies that our society is constantly hurling toward us, and I believe that it is time for us to reclaim the truth. To behold our beauty. To realize that we were created with such power as women, and it is time we recognize that dignity. As a result, I am feeling inspired to do little things to increase beauty in the world and I feel this blog may be one simple way the Lord is asking me to spread this beauty. Through small observations, my life, music, the people around me, the models we find in the saints, and other ways, I will be attempting to bring a greater awareness of truth and beauty. I hope you enjoy reading and I look forward to embarking on this new journey! :) 

God bless you!