O Come O Come Incarnate Beauty

Sometimes, we have to go out and search for beauty, but sometimes it seriously just hits us right in the face. And tonight, I was officially SLAPPED in the face with it!! Ask my roommate, I was definitely just freaking out about it. There is just BEAUTY in this blessed season of Advent! 
I have recently been thinking a lot about Advent and about how we have these four weeks to prepare our hearts to receive Christ! What an exciting time! This picture I included below is one I found a few days ago, but I think it just really captures the beauty of what is going on in this sacred season. Christ, the God of the universe, really entered our world (through the human womb of Mary!) to be our light and to save us!! When it comes down to it, Christ IS beauty. He is beauty incarnate. The only reason anything or anyone is beautiful is because they reflect God Himself! All I have to say is glory!! 
And then the link I also included is to a version of my favorite Advent song, O Come O Come Emmanuel. This version is by The Piano Guys, and ever since my friend shared it with me earlier tonight I have been playing it on repeat… Honestly, it is simply beauty in a song. 
Art and music. Such human and created things, but so capable of bringing us into deeper beauty that is only of God. Praise the Lord. 

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