Austria is beautiful!

This blog for the next four months might become a little bit of a travel blog…but not your typical travel blog. For those of you who do not know, I am studying abroad in beautiful Austria this semester! Rather than bore you with all the details I could share, I plan on trying to record the beauty I encounter as I “travel the world.”
As I write this post, I am sitting in the Kartause, which is an 800 year old former Carthusian monastery, at the foot of the Alps. I arrived here four days ago and I still can’t believe the fact that this is seriously my home for the next four months. So unreal.
I don’t really have anything profound to say with this post, but I would like to share with you some of the beauty that is the Kartause… I think the best way to do this would be to just share some of the photos I have taken. It has been snowy since we arrived here, and last night we got at least a foot more of snow! It is seriously a winter wonderland. I hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

The Kartause
Another view of the Kartause, with
the mountains in the background 
The view from our window
Also from our window 

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