You are Beloved.

You are a beloved daughter of God.

Wow. Read that again.

You are a beloved daughter of God.

You may have heard this before, but have you heard this before? What I mean by that is have you allowed this truth to resonate in your heart? Have you allowed your heart to hear this truth from God Himself, allowed Him to tell you that He created you for a purpose, you are cherished, and you are loved?

If you haven’t, then give Him a chance. Ask Him to show you His love and He most certainly will.

You are a beloved daughter of God.

Due to my forgetful nature, I have to ask God to show me that He loves me basically every day. Although He shows me over and over, I forget… over and over. But every time I ask Him, “Lord, show me you love me,” He always answers. He will answer you as well! But He will answer in a way that makes sense to you, and that’s the beautiful part… for example, one particular day last week I asked God this very thing – that He would show me His love – and He answered me in a most unusual way. I was just sitting outside, it was a nice and sunny morning, and I looked over and I saw a praying mantis! This might not be so spectacular to someone else, but I hadn’t seen one in at least a couple years! I think they’re so neat to look at (maybe my favorite insect if I had to pick one), and it was just a really small but profound way of God showing me that He loved me that morning, by sending a sweet little praying mantis my way.

You are a beloved daughter of God.

You are so loved. It’s hard to see it, it’s hard to know that we are the beloved daughter of the Father, but we truly are. Little girls understand this so much better than we do sometimes. Something gets lost as we get older. But think about a little girl wearing a twirly dress who is just spinning around wanting everyone to look at her. She knows how beautiful she is and although she may not know it in her head, she knows in her heart how beloved she is. We need to have that same kind of confidence about us. It’s time we reclaim that identity, because it is truly ours! God has given it to us. He has made us in His image and likeness.

You are a beloved daughter of God.

Allow the Lord to speak this truth to your heart. Allow Him to tell you, “You are my beloved whom I love, for whom I died. Come to me. Rest in me. I love you.” Claim this, and allow your world to be changed.

You are a beloved daughter of God.

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