Beauty in Wisdom Teeth Surgery?

This might be the strangest topic yet, but I had my wisdom teeth removed this morning, and I saw beauty in this experience. I’m not saying it was my favorite thing in the world or that I would want to do it again, but hear me out. 

I believe that everything in our lives can be offered as an act of love to the Lord, including the seemingly negative aspects. Including wisdom teeth surgery. But sometimes we can’t see it on our own at first.

Although I knew tons of people have gone through wisdom teeth surgery, and I know that there are way worse things in the world, but I was pretty nervous about this surgery. I am very attached to having control over every aspect of my life, and so the fact that I would be under anesthesia for the first time and I would be having a surgery and stitches for the first time really made me nervous. I was definitely dreading today for quite a long time. 

However, today I saw the experience as beautiful. I offered my suffering as a gift of love to Jesus and I allowed for His will to be done. I was actually grateful that I could have this little bit of suffering to offer up, because I had His peace in my heart. I was not afraid because I knew He was with me. I was even able to do a little evangelizing to the nurse in the recovery room! It is truly amazing what the Lord can do when we let go and let Him have His way. 

But I never would have seen this beauty, had the Lord not worked through a dear friend and household sister who reached out to me last night. In the past semester, I learned a whole lot about what it means to be a sister in Christ from this particular friend, and last night was no exception. She knew how I was feeling about my surgery and so she gave me a call, and wanted to talk through it with me. Through talking it over with her, I went from feeling anxious to having a deep peace, and seeing that even this surgery is something that I could offer as an act of love to Jesus. And that is because she didn’t only walk through what I was afraid of with me, but took it a step farther and prayed with me about it. It was a simple thing for her to do – to call me up and pray with me – but it was an incredible gift of love. People had told me they were praying for me for the surgery, but it wasn’t until my friend took the time to pray with me that I truly felt the peace of the Lord. 

A small act of love is one of the largest ways the Lord shows His love to us. When we say yes to this, He works through us to those around us to show them His incredible love for them. When we don’t have love to give, He does. Reach out to someone today and allow the Lord to change the world through you. 



Long car rides and breaks from school are funny things, and they very much lend themselves to reflection. Considering the 37 hours I have spent in the car in the last two weeks and the fact that I am finally on Christmas break, reflecting has been something I have been doing a lot of.

As I reflect on the last weekend, the last week, the last month, the last semester, and the last year, there is one idea that comes to mind…


I usually think of home as the house I have lived in my entire life. But as I reflect on the past 12 months, I realize that I have only spent 2 months (not consecutively) in this place. I have been to 7 countries and 10 states in those 10 months I spent away from this house and that is a crazy reality. I found the Kartause in Austria to be home. I found St. Thomas More hall to be home. I found each host family’s house I visited this summer to be home for the week I was there. And I find this house I have lived in for so long to be home now while i am here. But if all of these places became “home” to me…

What is home?

A place of safety. A place of unconditional love. A place to grow.

But the thing is, I am starting to realize that this is not a physical place. Yes we are safe, are loved, and can grow in physical places and we absolutely have to as a part of our growth as human beings. We put our guards down and grow in our homes and with our families and that is a beautiful thing. In the past year I’ve made quite a few physical places home and grown there beautifully. I always look forward to growing here with my family at my house. But sometimes that isn’t the case. Sometimes we don’t receive unconditional love in our homes, sometimes we don’t feel safe. Sometimes we find our heart is stuck between two places and don’t know where to call home anymore.  And so I would like to go beyond all this.

I would go so far to say that home, in the truest sense, is a relationship. And ultimately this relationship is with He who created us. When we are living in relationship with Christ, we are home. We are safe because He is providing for us no matter where we may be physically. We are loved unconditionally by the only One who is able to love in that way. We grow more and more into who He created us to be – an image of Himself.

This relationship can be lived in a variety of physical places, but these things can pass away. He remains.

And so, this world can never truly be home. The closest we will come to Him is Heaven, and so this world should be seen as a journey towards, or practice even, for that. Heaven, my friends, is our true home. This is what we were created for and our longing hearts will never be satisfied until we are in Him. Enjoy the place you are in, but this is not all there is.

You were made for the eternal. You were made for Him. Put your guard down, let Him make His home in you.

Let us go forward in peace, our eyes fixed on Heaven, the one goal of all our works. – St. Therese of Lisieux

My Beautiful Sister

ImageThis blog is about the beauty I see in my every day life, and the beauty I see tonight is in my Totus Tuus sister, Caroline. She is a radiant woman who knows who she is in Christ and is unafraid to call me on to holiness and greatness. To have a friend like her – a friend who brings me closer to Christ – is a beautiful thing, in the truest sense of beauty. I am so thankful for her, and I pray that every woman can have a sister like her.