little humans teach the biggest lessons

Yesterday I had the opportunity to babysit 40 children. Yes, a daunting task for myself and the three other adults, but I was excited about it going into the day. If my three summers as a Totus Tuus teacher taught me nothing else, it is that some of the biggest lessons of life are taught by the smallest humans.

While there are many anecdotes I could share about the day, there is one little girl who stands out.

It was a long day for all of us, 8 hours spent in a school building. In the afternoon, we decided to put a veggie tales movie on for the kids (best Christian babysitting hack out there) and to be honest, I actually enjoy watching them myself. But during the movie, I noticed this sweet little first grader looking a little off – she was looking back at me and had the saddest look on her face. I motioned her over to me and asked if she was okay. At that, she started crying and told me how she missed her mom and wanted to go home. We went out in the hall with another one of the adults, and helped her calm down.

Lately in my prayer, the Lord has been showing me that He just wants me to look at Him. He’s been showing me in a real way that He cares about the little things. If something matters to me – bothers me – stresses me out – makes me happy, then it matters to Him. Period. I don’t have to do anything at all, I just have to look His way. I am His beloved daughter after all! Prayer isn’t some flowery thing we present to the Lord, it’s simply opening your heart, and allowing Jesus to come into what’s there. Where there are lies, He speaks truth. Where there is darkness, He brings light. Where there is joy, He gives the grace to be grateful.

Yesterday, this little girl didn’t try to hide her sadness for fear of it being insignificant and she didn’t second guess her struggle. She wasn’t too busy trying to make it on her own. She merely looked to the one whom she was told would be able to help her, and she was taken care of.

Jesus is the One who is supposed to be able to help us. Jesus is the One who wants to help us. Yet we don’t even look His way.

I want to be like this little girl in my relationship with the Lord. I want to simply glance at Him, and have the courage to be real when He asks me what’s wrong. I want to give Him my heart – small things, big things, and everything in between. We have nothing to be afraid of. He’s not going to belittle us or laugh at us. He’s not going to tell us to toughen up or get over it already. He simply loves, and loves us because we are His.

Yesterday was a long day filled with diapers, screaming, and silly games. I might have walked away exhausted, but I walked away grateful. The little ones have so much to teach us.

Today I encourage you to look Jesus’s way, because He’s already looking at you. He loves you, He sees you, and He’s after your heart.