Hold Still

sic_deus_dilexit_mundum_1Remain in Me.

This has been a theme of my spiritual life for the past month, and I think it will continue to be. I am finding that it’s not about getting this or that prayer in, but it’s continually¬†allowing the Lord to hold my heart. And most of the time that just means He looks at me, and I look at Him. I was praying about this yesterday, and¬†Jesus’s words to me just kept flowing. I decided to put some of those words into song, because it was too beautiful for me not to share. Please pray this song, “Hold Still” along with me.


Look at Me and hold still. (x3)

Don’t go your own way anymore

All the fears that you hold in your heart

Let it all go, cling only to Me

Here you will find what you seek

Look at Me and hold still. (x3)

Dear child of Mine whom I love

Oh the delight in My Heart

The depths of My thirst, My longing for you

Open your heart to My Love

Look at Me and hold still. (x3)

I delight in you now

Look over at Me

You are Mine