Seek Not Your Vocation

surrenderA vocation is a great gift. Each and every one of our hearts have been created in a unique way to receive His love and love Him in return. But there is a huge tendency to get caught up in the vocation itself. We drive ourselves crazy trying to figure out the plan, the details, and everything else.

In the bigger picture, our vocations are preparing us for something bigger. Whether we are called to be a priest, a wife, a sister, a monk, a husband, or anything else, ultimately we are called to be saints in Heaven. We are created for happiness. We are created for God Himself. But I would like to suggest that seeking our vocation is the wrong approach.

Seek a surrendering heart.

That’s right. A surrendering heart. I know, sounds scary. Let me break it down.

Jesus wants to fulfill every desire of our hearts. The big things, the little things, and the “everything in between” things. He desires our hearts. To fulfill those desires, He has designed our hearts in a perfect way, with a perfect plan for each heart. He has a vocation for each of us and that is a great gift. Our very hearts are treasures to Him and even the sight of our hearts is a delight to Him. Through our vocation we are in our individual way able to give Him the gift of our hearts either through our spouse or directly to Him.

For my last birthday, my friend gave me a little box with a lock and key. It is a beautifully decorated blue box and you can tell it’s special as soon as you look at it. But if my friend hadn’t also given me the key to the box, it would just be pretty and stop at that. I wouldn’t be able to see inside, I wouldn’t be able to make use of the box for its original purpose, the purpose for which the carpenter made it. Similarly, we might give our hearts to the Lord, but if we don’t give Him an open heart – a surrendered heart – there’s not a whole lot He can do with it. He will always delight in us and see us as beautiful, but He wants so much more for us than that! He wants us to have life to the full!

It’s the scariest thing, but when we give Him our open heart – open with the desires, longings, ugliness, and beauty – He will fill us.

Seek not your vocation. Seek a surrendering heart – surrendering to Him – and allow Him to lay your path of love and life out in front of you.